Why make Makers?

Makers are students who are ready to tackle the world as empathetic and holistic designers, creators, innovators, technologist and problem solvers. Students who experience an education system that allows them to traverse the content areas through a project based learning systems become Makers

"WhyMaker was able to review the curriculum and see many opportunities that students were missing..."

"We hired WhyMaker to look at our district wide curriculum to see where we could infuse more Maker Education for our students. WhyMaker was able to review the curriculum and see many opportunities we were missing. This included building projects that aligned our 10th grader geometry class with their computer coding class that evolved into design business cards for a local nonprofit. We also were able to align the 3rd graders unit on ancient civilizations and the 6th grade unit on ancient Egypt to design and build a replica of the ancient city of Memphis while making the city accessible for people with physical disabilities. WhyMaker designed and built a maker space that served the needs of all of our students in the middle school. The new Makerspace has 3d printers, laser cutters, electronics kits, computers, poster printers, craft supplies and so much more. A robotics team is run out of the maker space now and competes at multiple competitions throughout the year.” 

- Principal of Charter School 

Technology & Tools

Determining what supplies to order for your classroom or your makerspace is confusing, overwhelming and difficult. WhyMaker will work with you to assess what you have already and what will benefit your students and their needs. Practical and useful tools, materials and technologies are the cornerstone of what makes successful classroom integration. 

Professional Development

Our team’s diverse experience teaching cutting-edge technology to students of all ages allows us to provide your school with innovative ways to educate. It’s WhyMaker's goal to provide your school with the guidance and training necessary to develop a modern educational experience. This will mold the next generation designers, creators, problem solvers and thinkers.

Curriculum Coaching

Let’s team up! By learning about your school’s needs and goals WhyMaker can help to identify opportunities to incorporate Maker Education into your curriculum. Working side-by-side with your team, we will customize a STEM strategic plan for your school. The ultimate goal is to fully embrace a culture of Maker Education.  

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What is Maker Education? 

Maker Education is a revolutionary education experience. It combines technology and design thinking to create a transdisciplinaryproject based learning environment for ALL students. Maker Education ignites students' personal passions, builds their social and emotional competencies and inspires them to be creative purposefully.