Edison Robots Benefits

Teaches skills:              

✔️STEM skills                                 

✔️Computer Programming          


✔️Technology Education            

✔️Educational Technology            

We love Edison Robots!

They are the most versatile affordable solution for classrooms and schools. 

Programming Languages:

All free online!

✔️BarCode Scanning - Barcode good for everyone
✔️Icon-Based, Drag & Drop - EdBlocks good for 7+
✔️Vertical, visual, Drag & Drop - EdScratch good for 10+
✔️Python, Text-based - EdPy good for 13+

Works with any internet-enabled device that has a headphone jack:


✔️Mobile Phone


Built to last: drops, falls, sand tables, kicks, crashes, bumps and bruises. (We’ve seen them all)

Expandable & Modular:

Build on the Edison robots using EdCreate KitLego BricksPre-printed mats for mazes, barcodes and STEM challenges

Nervous about starting? Want more personalized support? 

WhyMaker's Professional Development and Teacher Training services will help you. 

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Teaches Mindsets:

✔️Computational Thinking

✔️ Hands on

✔️Project Based Learning

✔️Problem Solving Strategies