" Each and every time we work together I am more and more impressed with your preparation, energy and organization."


STEM Director of NYS Public School

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5 / 5 STARS

5 / 5 STARS


Whymaker and the team offers exclusive workshops to help schools across the world create a new future for our students. No matter who you are or what experience you have in education, we developed a community for you.


Whether you're struggling in creating a refreshing environment for your students, or just looking to open your mind for new ideas, Whymaker is here for you. Learn from some of the most advanced teachers in the game that have been through it all and back. 


Whymaker is proud to reveal one of the fastest growing and comprehensive Professional Learning Community available. Meet regularly with like minded educators and schools to innovate all aspects of your classroom.


Sometimes a team doesn't mean everything. Thats why we offer consulting specifically for you to assess all of your pain points and solutions when it comes to being a key role model in our youths lives.

" The training was well received and helpful because of the reinforcement of how to specifically use robots with 20 middle schoolers."


Director of Technology Integration Independent School


Everyone at Whymaker are passionate believers in creating a hands-on environment throughout all classrooms. Overcoming this learning curve could be difficult for some teachers or schools. But thats where we come in.

We offer all kinds of proven to work systems and resources to provide teachers all across the globe an efficient strategy when implementing this into the curriculum. It's the Whymaker way. 


Becoming a part of our family doesn't only mean access to unique newsletters and infinite amounts of free value, it means you become a part of our family consisting of hundreds of other teachers and schools looking to innovate the way they teach.

We have an established community all working towards one main goal. Becoming the best at what they do. All working together as a team.