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Learn from the founder of Whymaker, Liz Gallo, with our affordable video course going all through the best tips, tricks, and advice to grow all of our educators to be each student's favorite teacher. All while keeping your students involved and learning efficiently

Maker Education

 Collect the resources necessary to implement a pedagogical approach fronted by hands on projects that helps students connect content in order to design purposeful solutions for authentic problems.

Design Thinking

The Design Thinking process combines empathy and engineering principles. All to help students and teachers solve problems by looking at people in the situation, empathizing with them and then going through a process to develop the best solution.  


What more do you need to know for you to want to incorporate fully interactive and programable Edison Robots within your classroom. This product is one of the best and easy ways to really get your students on the edge of their seat while learning along the way.


Everyone at Whymaker are passionate believers in creating a hands-on environment throughout all classrooms. Overcoming this learning curve could be difficult for some teachers or schools. But thats where we come in.

We offer all kinds of proven to work systems and resources to provide teachers all across the globe an efficient strategy when implementing this into the curriculum. It's the Whymaker way. 


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