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Kai's Clan 

Design your Kai Avatar in Minecraft or Tinkercad!

Students will design a robot in TinkerCad or Mindcraft after teachers can upload student's best robot avatar to Kais Clan World!

The two winners will both receive a free Kai's robot and be featured in Kai's Clans monthly newsletter. A student and teacher! Teachers will need to register for an account.  You can do so at

Edison Robots  

Edison Candy Dispenser Challenge

Using one or more Edison robots, create your dream candy dispense (think gumball machine or Pez dispenser or something brand new). The details of the design, how it dispenses the treat and the choice of candy are all up to you!

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No Products Needed Challenges

Reimagining the Modern Zoo

Learn about animals and their natural habitats as you design a zoo that's as much fun for the animals as it is for the visitors! Simple machines in every enclosure. Engineers, this is the project for you!


Sphero Bridge Challenge (Can be used with BOLT, Mini, RVR, Ollie)

Build a bridge using materials at home, and then program Sphero to drive across. This challenge can also include researching different types of bridges and incorporating those concepts into the designs

Origami Box 
TinkerCad Student Design Contest 
Otto the Bear Book
Making a 3D sign 
Bottle Rockets 
Cardboard Attachment Techniques

Below you will find fun challenges you can integrate into your lessons both in-person and virtually!

Some of the challenges below require a specific product.  If you'd like to grab any of the below items click here to head on over to our store!

Engineering With Paper

Catapult Challenge

Students can make a catapult from paper and the challenge is to make a target structure that returns the ball to you.

Brown Dog Gadgets

Electronic Greeting Card

Students will design a greeting card (e.g., a thank-you or birthday card) that lights up. Give this card to someone who needs to be cheered up or you are grateful for! Be ready to explain how the card works to that person.

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