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This is seriously is the best way to improve your teaching, overcome your fears, validate your ideas and build amazing STEM and Maker projects in your classroom.

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All participants will receive certificate of completion and (where applicable) NYS CTLE credits upon completion of this course. CE certificate will be issued to all participants. 

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Ready to be the Ultimate Maker Ed Teacher?

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” ancient Chinese proverb.

Online Professional Development Course for All Teachers

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Maker Education

At WhyMaker, we believe that Maker Education teaches students more than just content knowledge. It is important for them to have meaningful learning experiences that matter!

Hands-On Professional Development ONLINE
Self Paced Course to develop all educators Maker Education teaching strategies

There are a plethora of benefits:

  • It engages students in high order thinking
  • It supports students’ character strengths development
  • It is equitable and accessible to every learner
  • It is about creating lifelong learning.
  • It supports students social emotional development and builds confidence.

Learn the secrets of the best STEM and Maker Ed Teachers. And how you can have engaged, organized and simple hands-on experiences your students will love.


The Maker Ed Course Supply Kit contains:

  • 3Dux Design Kit - $20
  • Brown Dog Gadget electronics - $8
  • Craft Supplies (pipe cleaners, pom poms, google eyes…) - $9
  • Extra Goodies (fasteners, cardstock, foam sheets…) - $8
  • New supplies for remote learning - FREE
  • Printed Maker Project Planner and Design Brief - FREE
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This course helps all educators learn how to create Maker Ed projects so they can have successful hands-on experiences with students.

Maker Ed is one of those buzzwords in education, but it is so much more than a buzzword.

It is a way of teaching!

When you get started and dive deep into creating and making with your students, you realize that this is how teaching should be! I know from being a teacher, everything seems overwhelming and like one more thing. But Maker Ed is different! 

From the moment I learned about Design Thinking in my Technology and Engineering Education pre-service teaching, I realized “This Is How We Should Be Teaching All of Our Students!”

After 10 years of honing my teaching skills with all sorts of children grades K - 12, I compiled the best teaching practices and started WhyMaker to help other educators do hands-on, design thinking projects with their students.

The goal of hands-on projects is not for creating stuff, it’s about the essential skills students learn through problem-solving, persevering, empathy in design, figured-it-out-ness, project management; and more, all skills all students need to be a successful citizen.

As a Maker Educator teachers were always coming to me and asking questions like: how is it possible to include hands-on experiences for my students that connect to the content? How do I include new technology? I have no money or resources, how could I possibly do this with my students?

I took all of these questions and put the answers into this concise course - The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Maker Education. This course will answer lots of your questions and help you put all of the pieces together to make amazing Maker Ed products for your students.

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Maker Ed course is for: 

  • For all grade levels of teachers Pre K - University
  • For all subject area teachers
  • For teachers who believe in Maker Ed
  • For teachers who aren't quite convinced about Maker Ed
  • For any teacher who wants to engage students and inspire them
  • For any teacher who wants to teach students for the future we are currently living in

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Maker Ed  course will help you: 

  • Understand how to build a Maker Ed project for your students
  • Practice doing 3 hands-on projects yourself
  • Figure out how to connect content areas students are learning to Maker Ed
  • Determine which technical skills to teach students and when to teach them
  • Show your students how empathy and design are important and connected

You will not be disappointed! Click Add to Cart to start on your Maker journey. 

Module 1: Maker Ed Essentials - Learn more details about what is Maker Ed and why it is important for all our students. Build your passion for doing these kinds of projects with students.

  • What is Maker Ed?
  • Why Maker Ed?
  • Hands-On Activity - Character Strengths

Module 2: Maker Project Planner - Learn how to plan a Maker Ed project.

There are many challenges and things to think about when planning a Maker Ed project. This module will walk you through all of the details about planning a great project!

  • What is a Maker Project Planner?
  • Step 1: Context + Curriculum
  • Step 2: Investigate + Inquire real-world problems
  • Step 3: Hands-on Project Add Ons + 2nd hands-on activity - Mapping History
  • Step 4: Brainstorm + Design
  • Step 5: Build + Test + 3rd hands-on activity - Electric Circuits
  • Step 6: Present + Assess

  1. Downloadable resources (checklists, worksheets, PDF guides, etc.)
  2. Direct email access to you
  3. Course completion certification and CTLE credits
  4. Maker Supply Kit
  5. Affiliate Opportunity - All educators who complete the course are eligible to become an affiliate and earn 20% on all sales of the course to other teachers.

“This course was different and fun and interactive, I did it with my family at home. It changed the way I think about the projects I am going to engage students in.”

- Lara M. Middle School Special Education Science Teacher

" Thank you for the course. It was fun. I did the projects with my kids."

As a technology and engineering educator with experience in Kindergarten through 12th grade, students with special needs and English Language Learners. I have mastered the art of teaching hands-on projects in a controlled, meaningful and engaging way. Students of all ages love doing hands-on projects where they get to create and make and solve the world's problems. We especially know that girls become more devoted to STEM when they are helping someone else. As founder of WhyMaker I am on a mission to give all students meaningful, authentic experiences collaborating, creating and problem solving preparing them for the future we already live in.

What is included in the course?
The price of a course includes two modules prepping you to create a project plan for use with your students. 3 hands-on projects. Maker Project Planner. Learning Journal. CTLE credits.

Do you offer continuing education credits?
Yes! A certificate is emailed to all participants who complete the course. NYS educators can earn certified NYS CTLE credits through the same form.

Do you accept Purchase Orders?
Yes we accept purchase orders for schools for this course. We also offer cohort group opportunities for groups of teachers who want to go through this course together. Send us an email with your special requests or purchase order to

What grades or subjects is this good for?
This course is great for teachers who teach Pre K through University. We have had St. Raphael School pre-school teachers through Buffalo State University Education Department faculty members participate in the course. They all rave about how they get something out of it to bring back to their classes the next day.

I am a new Maker Educator, will this be good for me?
Yes! This is a perfect course for new teachers and new maker educators. This course is also great for new STEM teachers and new Makerspace organizers.

I am an experienced Maker Educator, will this be good for me?
Yes! This course helps deepen your pedagogical knowledge and best practices for ensuring smooth and meaningful learning experiences for your students.

Frequently Asked Questions:

You will not be disappointed, this is a fun and interactive Professional development experience. It is not a ‘Sit and Get and Walk away’. It is a Get up and Do and Implement. By the end of the course you will have a plan for implementing a hands-on, Maker or STEM project with your classes.
What's included in this course?

Meet Liz Gallo

This 3 hour 40 minutes online course comes with:
  • Self-paced -This is an asynchronous course and you can do it when you have time
  • Hands-on activities - Did you just read “Hands-on” for an online course? Yes, YOU DID
  • Project Planner, Design Brief and Learning Journal - You can use with your students right away!
  • 3 Continuing Teacher Leaders Education credits - YES!!

Ready to level up your Maker Ed Projects?