In the world of education where funds and budgets are complex and confusing. At WhyMaker we strive to make it as clear and affordable for your school.


WhyMaker works with the NYS CTE Technical Assistance Center (CTE TAC). The CTE TAC can offer WhyMaker courses at no cost to school districts who include CTE Teachers as part of the training.


WhyMaker works with Innovare a cutting edge education management system to help schools and other social impact-focused organizations use data strategically in order to drive continuous improvement and achieve 10X impact.

Travel cost

Any time one of our trainers travels more than 2 hours from our Midtown Manhattan, New York City, USA location we must pass on travel costs to the school.

Women Owned Business

WhyMaker is a NYS and NYC certified Women Owned Business and will work organizations who require MWBE certification for state contracts.

The pricing for our workshops is dependent on 3 factors:

  1. Amount of time the workshop is
  2. Amount of time it takes our trainer to prepare for the workshop
  3. Cost of materials WhyMaker will provide at training

Most school districts on average pay $2250 for a Full Day Workshop