Greenburgh School District
What they asked for help with
  • To have students use the 3D printers in their typical classes by building it into their curriculum projects.
  • Bring 3D printing into the content based classrooms
  • Practice using TinkerCad + 3D printers
  • Learn about the Design 4 Humans process 
What we accomplished together
  • One-on-One Training with 8 teachers
  • Mastered Designing 4 Humans Processes
  • Created 8 Transdisciplinary Projects
  • Practice using TinkerCad + 3D printing
  • Developed 3D printer classroom usage strategies
Ursuline School
How we helped...
  • 12 Teachers (grades 2 - 12) trained
  • 12 Designing for Humans projects created
  • 8 transdisciplinary projects implemented
  • 160 students engaged in 3D printing in their typical classrooms

What we accomplished together 
  • Practice programming with Edison coding languages
  • Connect computation thinking concepts to Edison programming
  • Discussed math and science projects using Edison Robots
  • Detailed plan for classroom management of Edison Robots
  • Purchases 40 Edison Robots for all middle school students to use
How we helped...
  • 8 teachers taught & trained
  • 3 semester-long courses developed
  • 4 content-based projects created
  • 800 girls impacted
What they asked for help with
  • Help designing and filling new Makerspace
  • Assistance determining what materials to order
  • List of grants and funding options for Makerspace supplies
  • Teacher training on how to develop a Maker Project 

Check out some of our work!

We've collaborated with some great schools to help them learn more about Edison Robots, 3D Printing, computational thinking, and designing for humans. Take a look to see how we might be able to help your school as well. 

Ursuline School
Iona Prep Lower School
What they asked for help with:
  • Learn how to teach computer science concepts
  • Learn how to teach computational thinking
  • Plan projects that incorporate robotics into math and science courses
  • Train Technology Teachers to use Edison Robots
  • Creating classroom management strategies for working with Edison Robots
How we helped...
  • 18  teachers taught & trained
  • 1 Makerspace stocked + supplied 
  • 15 grant applications
  • 3 student workshop on SAM Labs
  • 8 Maker projects implemented
  • 400 boys impacted
What we accomplished together 
  • Understand of Maker Education
  • Confidence in teacher abilities to implement Maker Education projects 
  • Understanding of  Designing 4 Humans process
  • Student engagement and inspiration in diverse technologies 
  • Student workshops for Computer Science Week
Technology Specific Training: 

Makerspace Implementation: 

Maker Education project planning training: 

Full district summer training: 
Chesapeake Lighthouse Foundation Schools 
What they asked for help with
  • Organize technology & computer science curriculums  
  • Develop common language between teachers at all levels and schools
  • Teachers needed to learn multiple computer science languages and technologies 
  • Help teachers plan out robotics competitions 
  • Creating classroom management strategies for working in technology classrooms
How we helped...
  • 14 teachers taught & trained
  • 1 CLF network curriculum map created
  • 10 technologies learned 
  • 6 robotics teams created 
  • 26 new design thinking projects implemented 
  • 6,400 students impacted
What we accomplished together 
  • 5 full days of customized, flexible professional development
  • CLF curriculum map for technology created
  • Developed CLF technology classrooms rules and regular vocabulary identified.
  • Teachers learned: Designing 4 Humans,, 3D Printing, VEX, VEX IQ, Lego Mindstorm, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Scratch,  HTML, and Python
  • Detailed plan for classroom management of technology courses.