WhyMaker helps school build connected and cohesive STEM education experience by assisting in designing Makerspaces, providing professional development and aligning curriculums.

WhyMaker is an equal opportunity teacher training company. All professional development will be accessible and meaningful for all teachers regardless of their abilities, comfort level, experiences, age, sex, gender, race, color, ethnic group, protected veteran or disability status.

Speaking engagements 

Want to inspire your audience? Captivate the crowd? Ignite their passion for the future of education? Our CEO Liz Gallo can command a room and inspire anyone to fall in love with education and understand the message. She has outstanding presentation skills and an innate ability to connect with people from all walks of life. She is captivating and passionate about education and will make your audience fall in love with their passions again.

  • Attendees will re-energize their passion for education
  • Attendees will laugh, cry and feel support
  • Attendees will be ready to come together to revolutionize education
  • Good for any size group of people in the education field in any content area.

One-on-One in person coaching

Want to practice using one of your tools or technologies? Develop a classroom flow? Organize your Makerspace? Learn how to use a specific tool or technology better? Need extra support after a workshop? Create your own personalized STEM project?
Schedule one-on-one in person training today! One of our trainers will sit with you in your space and help you figure out whatever you need.
  • Teachers will have answer their questions about their project and teaching
  • Teachers will love the individualized attention and curated knowledge
  • Teachers will review their lesson plans
  • Great for any teacher
  • Good for any subject area
  • Works great with all other workshops
  • Schools usually schedule one-one-one workshops as follow-up to larger group workshops

Student and School Workshops
Bringing in a special guest boosts students participation and engagement. It adds variety, provides role models and options for different career paths. WhyMaker works with students too! We host events and workshops for students in schools and we do variations of our workshops for teachers with students. If you are having a special event for your students like computer science week, engineering week, STEAM day or a career fair we would love to attend and bring relevance and real-world meaning to your students everyday. These are the events your students talk about for years to come - so make it meaningful.

  • Good for schools of any type, size or grade level.
  • Works well with any of our teacher workshops as an add on after a workshop
  • Students will participate hands-on projects
  • Students will experience a new person in a special environment
  • Students will remember this experience for a lifetime

Makerspace Design 

Determining what supplies to order for your classroom or Makerspace can be confusing, overwhelming and difficult. WhyMaker will work with you, your staff and your students to design the best Makerspace EVER! Our staff looks at what you have already in terms of tools and skill sets and will help you determine what your student will benefit from. Designing, building, filling and using a Makerspace can be big undertaking. WhyMaker can help you figure out how to make the best use of your space and what stuff should go in there.

Practical and useful tools, materials and technologies that are connected to educational goals and implemented in a timely manner is what contributes to successful Makerspace implementation.
WhyMaker will:

  • Determine Makerspace goals by discussing educational goals with key stakeholders
  • Planning the space and developing the optimal layout for age group
  • Help you select the best tools & technologies for your teachers and students
  • Providing shopping lists of supplies from the best vendors
  • Sourcing & ordering supplies and materials
  • Equipment purchasing, setup, & implementation classroom to a large new or re-do of a roo

Makerspace & Technology Lab Safety
Teaching Safety is incredibly important and is required by many school district agreements. Prior to this workshop WhyMaker will do a careful analysis of concerns for safety in a Lab. WhyMaker will then tailor a safety plan that will be drafted and presented to the teachers who will be using the Lab. The presentation will also include where to find materials and tools, and how to store materials and projects properly. Each participant will experience each tool and develop a level of comfort using the tool so that they build confidence in order to teach with the tool and work with students in the Lab.

  • Teachers will develop confidence and comfort with machine or tool
  • Teachers will practice using machine or tool
  • Teachers will plan for implementation of machine or tool with students
  • Good for teachers in any grade level
  • Good for teachers in any subject
  • Works well with Makerspace Design, Maker Education, Designing 4 Humans

STEAM Team - Team Building

Have a STEAM, STEM or Technology Team or Department in your school? This workshop brings your team together to talk about the art of teaching STEM courses, focusing on key pedagogical concepts and mindsets. The workshop highlights each team members strengths and the benefits they bring to the students. The ultimate goal is to develop strong and supportive rapport between team members.

  • Teachers will participate in hands-on STEAM activities
  • Teachers will feel supported within their community 
  • Teachers will practice team building activities that strengthen relationships
  • Good for a STEAM Team or Technology Department of all grade levels and experience
  • Goes well with Makerspace Development, Maker Education, STEM project planning

Curriculum Writing
Are you an Ed Tech company who created an amazing product that you are selling to schools and teachers? Do you need help writing curriculum for your product that is age appropriate, connects to standards and is easy for teachers to use? We LOVE writing thoughtful curriculum with the goals of your Ed Tech product in mind. Get in touch with us today.


WhyMaker can help find and screen an appropriate candidate for your school district to hire. As technology teachers, we know what qualities and skill sets are needed in the professional educator who will run your Makerspace.


WhyMaker will curate a list of specific and timely grants for your school to apply for to receive more funding to build the Makerspace of your students' dreams. 

Personal Tutoring & Design
Want to design a Makerspace in your home for you or your kids? Want to change an empty warehouse into a community center Makerspace? Need help figuring out a project or tool? Contact us and see how we can help. 

Turning you into a Teacher 

Teaching is an art. Being a good teacher requires a combination of interpersonal skills and teaching skills. Learning how to be teachers requires understanding and balancing both of these practices. This workshop is great for organizations and companies who are hiring people with exceptional technical skills, but perhaps not teaching skills. This course will help turn technical people into teachers with exceptional interpersonal skills. The course reviews what makes a good teacher, basic education theory, creating a positive classroom environment, writing course plans and lesson plans.

  • Teachers will learn the basics of becoming a teacher
  • Teachers will practice writing a lesson plan
  • Teachers will discuss strategies for classroom management
  • Good for any organization hiring technical people to teach course
  • Good for teaching grades K - Adult
  • Good for all subject areas