WhyMaker is an education consulting company that works with schools to develop a connected and cohesive STEM education experience by assisting in designing Makerspaces, providing professional development and aligning curriculums.

Professional Development

WhyMaker believes in High-Touch Professional Learning. We focus on what the teachers need to improve learning in their classroom. We offer one-on-one teacher tutoring service - spending time with a teacher to help them create a project or learn a technology for them to use specifically in their classroom.  

How to do Project Based Instruction

    Design Thinking Mindsets

    STEM Education Project Planning

    Maker Education Lesson Planning

    How to incorporate new Technology

Computer Science, Computer Programming, Computer Coding

3D Printing, Modeling, Design 

Robotics - Edison Certified Trainer

SAM Labs Partner 

Connecting Content to Coding

Arduino & Electronics Prototyping

 Want something else? Our diverse staff can train your teachers on a variety of pedagogy and skills:

   Any Technology or Engineering Content


    Purpose Based Learning 

    Character Strength Integration

    Woodworking and Tool Safety

    Equipment Training

WhyMaker is an equal opportunity teacher training company. All professional development will be accessible and meaningful for all teachers regardless of their abilities, comfort level, experiences, age, sex, gender, race, color, ethnic group, protected veteran or disability status.

Curriculum Coaching

A district, a school, a classroom can educate students better when the students can see the connections and develop a deep sense of purpose for their learning. Working with WhyMaker can help you build meaningful curriculum for all of your students. 

By understanding the school's culture and current implementations, WhyMaker staff will assist in coaching leaders and educators to add more Making and Design Thinking Mindsets into the into the curriculum.  

Recognizing that curriculum design is a collaborative and iterative process, WhyMaker ensures that the curriculum is tailored for your students, fully adaptable and applicable to your school.

All necessary objectives, learning standards and assessments will be honored. As well as appropriate content, scaffolding and learning techniques appropriate for your teachers, students and learning environment. Curriculum coaching does not produce a teach-by-numbers guide, it creates a culture of Maker Education and assures a community continuity and vertical curriculum connections with ongoing support for implementation. 

Technology & Tools

MakerSpace Design

Determining what supplies to order for your classroom or makerspace is confusing, overwhelming and difficult. WhyMaker will work with you to assess what you have already and what will benefit your students and their needs. Practical and useful tools, materials and technologies are the cornerstone of what makes successful teaching.

Designing, building, filling and using a Makerspace can be big undertaking. WhyMaker can help you figure out how to make the best use of your space and what stuff should go in there. WhyMaker can:

     Designing space design and layout
     Helping you select the best tools & technologies for your school and students

     Providing shopping lists of supplies from the best vendors 
     Sourcing & ordering supplies and materials
     Equipment purchasing, setup, & implementation

The space layout will consist of a design based on viewing the space, your curriculum design, the schools learning needs and goals and total funding for the Makerspace initiative. We will generate a 3-D model, floor plan. We will give you a bill of materials for what we purchase, this will insure that someone knows exactly what was purchased, where its from and the cost. As a reseller, WhyMaker can purchase the tools and materials for your so that your school can write one check, versus multiple. Equipment purchasing, setup, & implementation Ongoing tech and teacher support with options for yearly 

WhyMaker is vendor neutral, working with vendors that offer the best price for the best products


WhyMaker can help find and screen an appropriate candidate for your school district to hire. As technology teachers, we know what qualities and skill sets are needed in the professional educator who will run your Makerspace.


WhyMaker will curate a list of specific and timely grants for your school to apply for to receive more funding to build the Makerspace of your students' dreams. 

Personal Tutoring & Design
Want to design a Makerspace in your home for you or your kids? Want to change an empty warehouse into a community center Makerspace? Need help figuring out a project or tool? Contact us and see how we can help.