Teaching STEM Now 

Workshops for Teachers

Here is what we know about learning these days: Kids are empowered, engaged when they actively involved in doing. Doing hands-on projects with students IS the best way to engage them in their learning. And doing hands-on projects are possible NOW! 

These Professional Learning Experiences for ALL Educators will help you learn to feel confident to teach hands-on learning in remote, hybrid or any learning situation.  

November 11th - Engineering with Paper for Active Learning 
Godwyn Morris, Owner, Dazzling Discoveries & Skill Mill NYC
October 28th - Materials Processing - Templatize
Marci Klein - 3Dux Designs

Godwyn joins us for this workshop where she will discuss how teaching basic skills for manipulating paper can translate into magical, engineering challenges and projects. The important part about making complex projects lays in the simple teachable details.

Learning to work independently with materials is an important skill our students need to build in order to successfully do hands-on projects. We will hear from our great friend Marci Klein of 3Dux Designs about how 3Dux products are a physical template for constructing consistent structures. During this workshop we will examine how using templates such as 3Dux allows for various types of learning and assessment. We will practice creating templates out of chipboard and cardboard to help ALL students make with the different materials they have at home.

Check out all of WhyMaker Workshop which can be offered virtually. 

All teachers will receive CTLE credits for completing a workshop with WhyMaker.

The instructor was amazing. She was full of energy and extremely informative. I am so glad I participated. I learned a lot of usefully resources to uses with my students and families. I cannot wait to look into the resources that were provided.

- Katheryn S. 

Very informative. She used great real life examples of how to use the resources.

- Erin F. 

Thanks so much! I think this was one of my favorite PDs so far!I l loved all the resources you suggested!

- Melanie E. 

November 4th - Steps to a Digital Makerspace
Laura Fleming, Worlds of Making

Uncover a personal philosophy for what making means. Plan a digital makerspace that is grounded in research and evidence-based best practices. Gain strategies for boosting the maker skills of your students. Experience hands-on activities that showcase the power of making, tinkering, design and engineering. Do you have a bitmoji makerspace or a Thingiverse space or something else? 

November 18th - 2D to 3D Adaptations

Starting with a simple 2D drawing and transforming it to 3D with whatever materials students have at home. Skill building with your students to identify shapes and create 3D models then connect the models together. Hands-on projects for students to turning their dreams into a reality immediately. Come join us to feel better and get project ideas for those last few days before break.  

Hands-on learning in education has never been more important. Kids are showing up to remote learning sessions that are hands-on and engaging at significantly higher rates (85% - 100%) than traditional classes.

Whatever your teaching environment is this year, join us for a discussion and live lessons that focus on building connections and student agency. We will work together to empower each other and engage our learners.

The purpose of each session is to equip you with real teaching strategies and lesson ideas that you can implement right away with your classes. In addition we will discuss ways to assess hands-on projects with a focus on the process.

During each session you will receive teaching guides, project ideas, coupon codes, best new practices, great tools for remote learning and lots of new teacher friends!

Yes, Professional Development but MUCH better, MORE fun, WORTHY of your time and with A LOT of practical advice.