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Join the best teacher community around. Every week teachers just like you come together to share strategies, ideas, project plans and problem solve together. We connect with other, have authentic conversation and support each other through these difficult changes. Each week is a reminder you are not alone and you can do this! You found the WhyMaker family, we are here for each other.

Here is what we know about learning these days: Kids are empowered, engaged when they actively involved in doing. Doing hands-on projects with students IS the best way to engage them in their learning. And doing hands-on projects are possible NOW! 

Check out all of WhyMaker Workshop which can be offered virtually. 

All teachers will receive CTLE credits for completing a workshop with WhyMaker.

The instructor was amazing. She was full of energy and extremely informative. I am so glad I participated. I learned a lot of usefully resources to uses with my students and families. I cannot wait to look into the resources that were provided.

- Katheryn S. 

Very informative. She used great real life examples of how to use the resources.

- Erin F. 

Thanks so much! I think this was one of my favorite PDs so far!I l loved all the resources you suggested!

- Melanie E. 

Hands-on learning in education has never been more important. Kids are showing up to remote learning sessions that are hands-on and engaging at significantly higher rates (85% - 100%) than traditional classes.

Whatever your teaching environment is this year, join us for coaching like, peer group conversation that focus on building connections and student agency. We will work together to empower each other and engage our learners.

The purpose of each session is to equip you with real teaching strategies and lesson ideas that you can implement right away with your classes. You will receive teaching guides, project ideas, coupon codes, best new practices, great tools for remote learning and lots of new teacher friends!

Yes, Professional Development but MUCH better, MORE fun, WORTHY of your time and with A LOT of practical advice.

At WhyMaker, our goal is to make the Teaching STEM Now workshops accessible to everyone. That’s why we want to help wherever we can! If you would like to attend a workshop but are finding yourself in a difficult situation financially please send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

These Professional Learning Experiences for ALL Educators will help you learn to feel confident to teach hands-on learning in remote, hybrid or any learning situation.  

August 25th at 7 pm- Phidgets Webinar hosted by WhyMaker 

Join us and our new partner next week, August 25th at 7 PM to learn all about teaching Design Thinking with Phidgets sensors and computer science.

August 31st at 7 pm - Patchr Webinar hosted by WhyMaker 

If you look around you, there are circuit boards in so many products these days from your nightlight, to your TV remote, to your car, to your computer. But how are these circuit boards made and how are our children learning about them? Patchr is an awesome platform that easily teaches students how to plan a functioning circuit board. It is not just a digital platform, Patchr also mails students their circuit boards they created so they can build their own functioning integrated circuit. This webinar is for educators to learn about why Patchr is the perfect tool for your technology, maker, engineering, STEM class.