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STEM & Maker Education

Teaching STEM, Maker Ed and hands-on projects online is tough!

Wherever you are in this process, keep going, it is appreciated. 

Remember to connect with your students support their social emotional learning and growth.

Here at WhyMaker we believe that this is a great time to help students Learn How to Learn.

You are AWESOME! 

The resources below are here to help you & your students thrive. 

The WhyMaker Store has tons of resources to help you teach STEM & Maker Ed effectively.

Check it out the best resources ever! 

You do not have to do this alone. We can help. 

Are you struggling with:

  • Project ideas for remote learning
  • Strategies for connecting with students
  • Meeting learning objectives
  • Planning units and projects for online learning
  • Using new digital technology tools
  • Practicing instructional flow
  • Working with specific students
  • Helping students with special needs
  • Different STEM projects ideas
  • Creating new Maker Ed projects ideas

Join the family every week for the best advice, helpful support and new friends: 

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School Based Services 

WhyMaker offers coaching and small group support for STEM and Maker Ed teachers. During these sessions teacher will be guided through meaningful work to help them create the best possible solutions for curriculum and instruction. These sessions work similar to Professional Learning Communities (PLC). Teachers learn from one another while thinking about resources and instructional strategies that will be helpful to their remote teaching. 

School Leaders do your teachers need help? 

  • STEAM teachers
  • Makerspace teachers
  • Elementary Classroom Teachers
  • Specials Teachers
  • Librarians
  • Art Teachers
  • Science Teachers
  • Technology Education Teachers
  • Family Consumer Science Teachers
  • Project Lead the Way 
  • Engineering by Design 

This transition definitely can feel challenging for all teachers, but it likely feels especially challenging for those who rely on the physical technology and resources in their makerspaces. If you think of this challenge as an opportunity, we are confident your students will surprise you. This is the time to practice what we preach. Think creatively, embrace technology, and create something incredible! Read More on our Thought Book Post. 

How to Transition Your STEM Classroom Online and Create a Virtual Makerspace
Use the great curated Design Challenge prompts to encourage students to design, build and create at home.

These challenges are great for online learning, virtual teaching of STEM & Makerspaces.

Share your creations @WhyMaker and #designchallengedaily on social media.

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