Alternative Energy Workshops

The world is changing rapidly and we need creative minds to work on our global energy system. There are over 10 million jobs in the renewable energy in the world. Inspiring children to fall in love with alternative energy, like we love it here at WhyMaker is a mission every educator should be on. Alternative energy makes a great avenue for project based learning and design thinking in your school.

Through this workshop teachers will analyze the current landscape of global energy. We will adventure into games and activities that teach the difference between renewable and non renewable energy. A deep dive into research will teach about 6 types of alternative energy sources. Focusing on the principles of how alternative energy systems generate electricity teachers will build multiple alternative energy projects and test hypotheses on which will produce the most electricity.


  • Teachers will understand differences and similarities between alternative energy sources
  • Teachers will practice with hands-on alternative energy projects
  • Teachers will develop lesson plans and projects for introducing alternative energy into their classroom.


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"Each and every time we work together I am more and more impressed with your preparation, energy and organization." -STEAM Director of NYS Public School

"The training was well received and helpful because of the reinforcement of how to specifically use robots with 20 middle schoolers." -Director of Technology Integration Independent School

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