Electronics Circuitry Workshop

Electricity is our favorite form of energy! It is such an abstract concept to little minds, "What do you meannnnn there are electrons jumping?!?!" - sixth graders, every time. But through our tried and true breakdown of electricity we can get everyone to understand how it works. Having a great understanding for how electricity works establishes a strong foundation for computer science and engineering education later on.

We will share our best electricity knowledge. We scaffold the information and break it down into its smallest parts in order to build that deep understanding of it. We share lesson plans, guided notes and presentations with participants. We ensure that everyone understands all the vocabulary and learn how to use terms correctly in order to provide clear instruction to students. We will navigate participants through multiple hands on projects that reinforce the concepts of electricity.


  • Teachers will develop knowledgeable and concise vocabulary.
  • Teachers will be provided with methods to help all students succeed in learning about electricity.
  • Teachers will engage in hands-on projects to bring back to the classroom.


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"Each and every time we work together I am more and more impressed with your preparation, energy and organization." -STEAM Director of NYS Public School

"The training was well received and helpful because of the reinforcement of how to specifically use robots with 20 middle schoolers." -Director of Technology Integration Independent School

Electronics Circuitry Workshop